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Trattoria alla Toscana - Modern European Dining

Chicken liver Pâté 20.5
In house chicken liver pate served with red onion 
reduction conserve and toasted bread. 

Pan seared calamari served with warmed  Te Mata 
mushroom cream, crispy celery, candied lemon, 
topped with shaved parmesan. (GF)

Garlic bread 12.0
Italian stylegarlic bread  accompanied with  olives

 In house cured salmon23.0
In house cured salmon marinated in  local citrus and 
fennel seeds, cheese mousse, almonds, garden salad, served with toasted bread .

Green Lipped Mussels20.5
Steamed local green lipped mussels in a slightly spicy, white wine, garlic and tomato salsa. (GF)

Antipasto for two38.0
 Antipasto platter of a selection mixed salami, 
caper berries, olives, pâté, 
sundried tomato, apple conserve, and toasted bread. 

 Entree Artisan Fresh Pasta

Pasta Starters

Traditional Lasagna23.5
Homemade  traditional lasagna with freshly handcrafted pasta, and delicate layers of  meaty bolognese ragu, béchamel and cheese.

  Our Cuisine Magazine Spinach Ravioli24.0
 Handcrafted ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach, then delicately tossed in burnt butter and sage, served  with freshly grated parmesan. ( Veg)

Potato Gnocchi23.5
Our speciality potato gnocchi, served with the salsa of your choice
pesto/ tomato salsa/ or  meaty bolognese ragu.

Chicken Fettuccine 23.5
Freshly crafted in house fettuccine tossed with chicken in a creamy white wine salsa. 

Our signature award wining Seafood Fettuccine24.5
Freshly crafted in house fettuccine,  tossed with fresh mussels, prawns, calamari, and the fish of the day, in a creamy tomato salsa. 

Risotto with portobello mushrooms, a hint of lemon zest and mascarpone . (GF)

All pasta dishes can be upsized to main size for an extra $8


Chicken Mushroom Marsala36.5
Chicken breast cooked in Italian marsala sweet hazelnut flavour  liquor with mushrooms and a touch of cream. 
(All our mains are served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes)

 Aged Eye Fillet39.5
 Aged eye fillet served with a creamy brandy mushroom salsa.
Aged eye fillet served with a creamy pickled  green peppercorn sauce.
(All our mains are served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes)

  Aged T-Bone39.95
Classic T-Bone Tuscan style steak, seared with rosemary and extra virgin olive oil. 
(All our mains are served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes)

Fresh market fish of the day39.5 
Fresh  market fish of the day served on warm squash puree with black sesame seeds.
(All our mains are served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes)

Rack of Lamb39.0
 Rack of lamb served with beetroot seasoned with thyme, and 12 hour lamb jus reduction, perfumed with New Zealand myrtle.
(All our mains are served with seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes)

 Extras  9
Garden mixed salad
 Oven roasted potatoes
 Steamed vegetables 
All 16.0

Tiramisù  (Pick Me Up )
Tiramisu is a sumptuous dessert famous in Italy for it’s rich layers  of mascapone, liquor and expresso coffee  & savoiardi.

Tortino al cioccolato fondente 
Chocolate fondant with a luscious molten heart of 62% dark chocolate, served with strawberry coulis and caramelised rhubarb .  
(Allow20 minutes )

Crème brûlée 
 Perfumed   creme brûlée perfumed with rose and french vanilla tea  served with vanilla ice cream.

 Profiteroles filled with a crème pâtissière custard, served on a bed of dark chocolate ganache.

Panna cotta 
Panna cotta infused with wild berry tea, served with a mixed berry sauce.

Mousse di cioccolato fondente 
Dark 72 % chocolate mousse a rich delight, served with with orange and ginger sauce.

Crostata al limone 
Short crust pastry filled with a lemon curd served fresh cream and strawberry coulis.

   Affogato (Italian for "drowned") is an Italian coffee-based dessert. It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped or "drowned" with a shot of hot espresso.

Served with either Baileys, Amaretto or  Vanilla Galliano. 

Please remember to check our specials of the night.

Bookings are essential
Trattoria alla Toscana 
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Phone 06 8341988
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